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excited, and yet mildly disappointed

Well, I bought the app thinking it was going to have some good recipies in it, they have some good ones, but the rest I wouldnt count as good. Curtido, pollo esebollado, and semita were good. the horchata is missing an ingredient, and the pupusas the only one they have is made with pollo. No variations mentioned: Loroco, revueltas (mixed), bean with cheese. The tamales shown are the corn ones, sugar and salt ones are not even mentioned. PLS, PLS, PLS add the other ones!!! I even saw a picture of a pastel, but it was just a tease...

Very disappointed

Only 13 recepies! Not worthed the 0.99$ I spent.... We have more than 13 dishes!!

Good app

This is the best food in the world especially pupusas the only bad thing they miss some of the famous one like platanos con crema y frijoles


We will add more recipes on next free updates,(soon) thanks for your valuables comments. !


I swear, I use these recipes every week. Everybody in my family want more and more. The Maria Luisa, is just like my mother remembers. Thank you again, for this great application and for the memories:)

Easy and fast

For those of us who miss salvadorian food and we are not great cooks - at least something is now out to give us easy steps in making great yummy dishes from back home Thank you!

For mi chinita lily Quintero

Its a tight thing cuz now my Asian wify can cook 4 me da comidea que mas amo comidea salvatruka. So wen I live wit her my pearents come home dey eat a mixture off food of salvadorña y Malaysia food. Yea itll b coil cuz den I can eat Asian n salvodreña comedia. Babyjoker:.


Ir is a good app but needs to have more recipes. Here are some suggestions I hope you add inan update: 1. Rellenos de guisquil 2. Hojuelas 3. Ayote en miel 4. Nuegados 5. Hojaldras 6. Atol shuco 7. Chilate 8. Quesadilla 9. Nuegados 10. Empanadas 11. Pastelitos 12. Torrejas 13. Enchiladas Salvadorian style 14. Ceviche de camarones I will add more suggestions if I remember more. Thanx 4 d app, keep up the good work. UPDATE: The app is called "recipes...". The history is appreciated but what people pay for is recipes . Update should be of MORE recipes. Bcuz of that im downgrading to 3 stars. Add more recipes pliz.

WILMER aka el gato!!

Esta cachimbona la aplicacion comprenla no Sean tacaños sipotes :) !!thanks apple store keep working !!


Awesome app we have the best food

Wheres the Empanadas????

Dude, I was only there for three months, but Salvadorean Empandas are different than everbody elses. We need a reciepe.

More variety

Two stars you need more variety of foods, man, I like the chicken pupusas but what about some stuff plantain or those like milk or creme stuff in something???? And there are also meat stuff in bell pepper or something like that. My parents are salvadorean they do not cook much salvadorean food. OH WELL damn communist party!!!!

Need recipe updates!!

I like the recipes that are on the app, but I have had it for a very long time and there have not been any updates. For a paid app, they should add recipes periodically. Otherwise, not really worth paying for.

Very limited

Not enough recipes for price of the app.

Nothing like our cucine

The best food I ever taste I love it

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